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Whitemud Ridge Communities

About Whitemud Ridge Communities

Our beautiful community of Whitemud Ridge is situated in southwest Edmonton and is bordered by  Whitemud Creek Ravine, 23 Avenue, Rabbit Hill Road, and the TransAlta Powerline.


Our Beautiful Community

Nestled within our boundaries is the unique Hodgson's Wetland, a protected permanent wetland which provides critical nesting and breeding habitat for waterfowl.  Hodgson's Wetland is home to shorebirds such as killdeer, mallards, yellow warbler, black-capped chickadee and house wren, just to name a few.  The wetland also supports various amphibians.


Board Members

President: Hans Raj

Past President: Sandra Annicchiarico

Additional Directors:

Vice-President: Gabriel Tremblay 

Secretary/Treasurer: Gundeep Kang

To contact us, please click here.


Where To Find Us

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