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Membership Fees

Every homeowner is assessed a mandatory yearly fee which supports the work by the Homeowners Association (HOA). Invoices are mailed out each Spring. The HOA has a mandate of improving and maintaining the physical assets of our neighbourhood. This involves asset repair and maintenance (fences, masonry features, etc), beautification projects and projects designed to enhance the monetary value of our homes.

What are Fees Used For?

As a property owner in Whitemud Ridge you are automatically a member of the WRHA by order of an encumbrance registered on your title.  The encumbrance authorizes WRHA to collect an annual which is used to maintain current assets, such as the timber bridges, wooden viewing deck, retaining walls, and the entranceway features.   Monies collected go towards preserving these features as well as installing additional amenities to further enhance the community.  Fees go towards turf maintenance, flower bed upkeep, and limited fence repairs, as well as the administration and operation of the association.


Single Family Homes

The Association fees are $360.00 for single family homes


Bare-land Condos

The Association fees are $92 for bare-land condos.

 Payment by check and e-transfer are accepted

Invoices for 2024 Homeowners Association dues will be issued January 2024. All fees are due April 30th of each year.  Late payments or failure to pay, are subject to interest rate charges at a rate of 8% annually compounded monthly which will be applied to your account. 

To make payment, please mail your cheque to PO Box 88015 - 2340 Rabbit Hill Road, T6R 0M5, or you can send an etransfer to (be sure to include your house number in order for payment to be credited to your account). If you have any questions, please contact our Administrator, Donna, at 780-401-3196.

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