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Volunteer for Your Community

We are better together.

The more support we have from local volunteers, the more work and social activities we can organize for the betterment of all in the neighbourhood. We are seeking more volunteers to continue the activities which have occurred in the past, as well as for future volunteer opportunities yet to come.


Join the HOA Board

The HOA is always interesting in meeting individuals looking to give back to their community. Other than sitting on the Board, volunteers can assist with managing the website,  writing communications or joining a committee to deal with specific issues that may arise. For example, we are seeking interested individuals to determine how we should move forward with the deteriorating bridges in our wetlands area. 


Hodgson Community League

Our community league is another opportunity to volunteer .  They run and manager a variety of initiatives such as:

  • Annual Party in the park .

  • Annual Spring Cleanup Campaign.

  • Free swim hours at Terwillegar Red Centre with your membership.

  • Green Shack Play Program in the park each summer.

  • Free ski night at Snow Valley.

  • Hodgson Community League Website


Gardening Committee

The Gardening Committee is seeking volunteers who are willing to give back to their community by donating a few hours a week during the summer season. Please email Donna at to join.


Organize Events

From time to time, we need volunteers to plan, organize and participate in community events, and we are always looking for people to come forward with ideas they may have for the community. Please feel free to share your passions and inspirations for our neighbourhood with us!

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